Our central kitchen is custom designed with the latest technology that has transformed our bulk food preparation to a scientific method that is unique and first in the Indian culinary world. We are thus setting a revolutionary pace in the art of food preparation  in Indian vegetarian cuisine without compromising on the quality and nutritional aspect of the prepared food.

Our aim is to be the premier provider of the best vegetarian food in consonance with the ancient wisdom of Siddha and Ayurveda. Our core values of conviction, commitment, service to customers and recognizing our employees as our most important resource embodies our body spirit.

Ananda Bhavan restaurant now serves a splendid selection of North Indian, South Indian, and Indian Chinese cuisines. Besides well-known for providing high quality authentic Indian food, Ananda Bhavan has also its customers’ wellness in mind: No added MSG, No artificial Preservatives, No Additives and No Re-use of Cooking Oil is used when preparing the food.

We also cater to special menu request and provide food options for Jain  (no root vegetables), No Onion & Garlic and Vegan customers.